Thursday, November 5, 2015

Great things are happening.

We had a wonderful time at Ashley Park on the weekend. I got to meet lots of friendly people and had fun selling our products. Here are a few photos I managed to snap on the day...

This week I have been busy working away on our new Natural Cleaning Products Workshop and have a jam packed full booklet for everyone to go home with. If you want to eliminate toxins from your home while saving money, book your place today. 

Here is the flyer for the workshop on the Saturday 4th November...

I have also updated all the new products on our website and Shaughan and I are building a new website so it is mobile accessible. If you haven't seen our website here is a screen snap of what it looks like now. Be sure to go check it out

I am also working on setting up a healing room so we can give 


it is a Revolutionary Medical Technology

if you are interesting in giving this therapy a try send me an email or phone 06 3425898. 

So exciting to have so many things coming alive.
Much love to you all, Dee x

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