Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas was FINE, only a few days left of 2012

 Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas we had a great time!

In the middle of the night Santa enjoyed his beer and cake,
leaving a nice little note for Maddy. 

Maddy and I loved playing with all her new toys. I got a new website to sell our products through (THANK YOU HUMMA x)

I only half wrapped Jacko's so it was easy for him to see what has under the paper.

Maddy has been asking for a wobbly scooter for the past month so she was very happy to find one under the tree. The wheels light up when she scoots.

Jacko and Maddy enjoying his new swing. 


We are lucky to go our to the garden and get everything fresh for our family lunch.

Bit of make-up on for us girls then we headed out the door to spend the day with family.


We have put the marquee up ready for a party roll on 2013! 
HAPPY 2013 everyone x x x x

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