Tuesday, November 13, 2012


  Here is my journey

before moving in 

I had a lot of stuff to sort out

especially after all my stuff go put on top of Ben and Sarah's stuff...

Jackson was only 6 weeks old when we moved in, so I use every minute I find and some to get things done. 
Yes I get burnt out and have to rest! 

Firstly I concentrated on a commission before getting the studio in perfect order

which I had fun with and it turned out pretty cute!

then got into the gardens, I love it!

Everything gets the big CHOP if it's over grown in the garden, my hairdressing skills come in handy.

My paintings waited patiently for a new home

Here are Dad and Chris pushing it into place for me :)

I took this photo the day after I got it, now the poor cupboard is exploding.

I got a kick up the bum at Labour weekend and got motivated to finish the studio. 

 I did a big clean up then painted a coat of primer on the walls and big table which feels much better!

check it out, I have a clean desk

I am such a happy girl to have this wonderful space! I've decided to give myself a break from the studio renovation and PAINT ON CANVAS. Another coat will be done before OPEN STUDIOS March 2013. I'm looking forward to having visitors in my studio again and might even have a wee party sometime?
Until then check out my website denitatizard.com for more details on my work. I post regularly on my facebook page: facebook.com/denitatizard 


  1. So glad you've got a beautiful, BIG, organized space to paint in now Dee! Awesome job with a little help from your friends xx

  2. awesome! I love the little plant pots in the garden. cute!