Friday, January 18, 2013

2013 is truly a fantastic year!

Wonderful week in Wanganui this week. There has been buckets of rain so lots of growing, yes weeds included. Today was a perfect Summers day, good day to pop down to bark and boulders to refill my pile of compost and tidy up around the garden without it being to hot. Poor Australian people, what could you do in 47 degree heat?

Here is a little catch up on what's happening in our garden.
Miss Maddy, Paula and I had fun taking photos of us being creepy

Isn't Maddy such a cutie?

The grapes are looking mighty fine.

The beans are growing off the top of the beanpole. 
I see I'm going to need the ladder to pick them.

I'm slowly making a new garden bed.

The toms are going off. I think possums ate my first 2 nearly ripe ones last week. Lesson learned the glasshouse door gets shut at night!

New batch of silver beet, spinach both normal and wild variety is in.

Finally got around to giving the glasshouse a clean, so much nicer now.

The cucumbers are growing so fast.

The stevia is looking fantastic, I'm going to have to re-pot them soon.

Only a few seedlings are on the go at the moment.

The lavender is really growing into wonderful wild bushes now, so excited!

This cute dahlia popped up.

and my favourite roses are in full bloom!

I dug my first lot of potatoes yesterday, it was so much fun and they are yummy! Already broccoli has been planted in it's place, crop rotation! 

I have been reading lots on herbs remedies and have started making calendula and comfrey oil.

I thought I would grow a zucchini for it's seed.
Hope it hasn't cross pollinated and we get lots of zucchini next year.

Crikey it has been getting colder at night. 
My bed is calling me, good night!

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