Thursday, December 20, 2012

20th December 2012

End of the world, or a new beginning? I'm going for a new beginning of enlightenment for everyone. It is weird this time of the year we are gearing up for Christmas holidays and it seems death is in the wrong place when it happens! Yesterday I found a naughty magpie dead on the road, it was always sitting on the fence so it is going to be weird not seeing him anymore and this morning I found this little baby bird dead by the cauliflowers, I think it might be a pukeko? Lily might have brought it to the garden or fallen out of the sky (a hawks meal lost). 

Enough of what I was thinking about in the garden this morning and more of what is going on in there. The yellow zucchini plant is having a great time, the ants love it's flowers.

The wild flowers I planted have started to flower so pretty! 

I had a fantastic night in the garden spreading straw around the veges. 

The blackcurrants are reading for picking, Mum gave me a good tip to freeze them until I have enough to make a batch of jam. 

The cucumbers have taken off this week 

I started making a lettuce face cleanser yesterday, boiled lettuce smells horrible! So the glasshouse is feeling much better room for air to move around. I also made a big batch of gardeners hand cream which is awesome, hopefully I'll get the labels done today.

I was super happy to see that 2 of the stevia seeds I planted have started to germinate. It is really hard to grow from seed and I'm doing it at the wrong time so fingers crossed I have success. 

The lavender is looking good, I really need to spend some time in there pulling weeds. Anyone keen to pull a few weeks?

My sunflower has just taken off this week it is taller than me and I'm not short. 

All in all it's a PERFECT DAY today! 

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