Friday, November 16, 2012

Tizard Design


Computer Servicing, Supply, and Consulting

We are happy to service your personal or work computers anywhere within the Wanganui area. The advantages of getting professional advice and assistance with your computing needs can't be overlooked - you will save time and money by making sure you do the job right the first time, and have the right equipment for the job.

Broadband and Networking 

Are you having trouble with broadband issues? We can advise on the correct solution for your situation! Broadband Internet can be tricky to sort out for the average home user, and there are plenty of ways we can help you with connectivity, fault diagnosis, and hardware issues. 
We also design , maintain, and consult on LAN and WAN solutions for your business, and have plenty of experience in this field. If you want your business network secure and up-to-speed, contact us today.


We develop modern websites featuring administration areas only accessible to site owners which enable the owner to maintain and upgrade the website in real time. These websites are called Content Management Systems and are relatively simple to use. These interactive websites are both affordable and practical, with little in the way of technical knowledge needed to maintain them. Feel free to browse our portfolio or contact our clients directly to discover how we can bring your business to the web in a professional, modern way!

Hosting Services

Web hosting or domain hosting is critical to your online success. Your pages should load quickly for your clients, and your email services should be  efficient and reliable. We will assist you in finding a relevant domain name. All domain names need "hosting", which means providing space on a web server. We create up to 5 email addresses for your domain name and provides you access to a secure email host. You also have the option of checking your email via both a web browser AND your own email client. Our hosting package includes appropriate server space and functionality for your website. The owner will always have access to the space via FTP (File Transfer Protocol) or via a custom control panel in advanced hosting packages. 

A typical cost scenario would be:

Domain name purchase : $25.00 (Annual cost)
Domain name hosting: $150.00 (Annual cost)

If you would like your own domain name contact us today! 

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