Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Our week on the Road

It's official SUMMER IS HERE!!! I'm an outside girl so I'm super happy about the warm weather arriving.  

Miss Maddy planted her first lot of radishes which have popped up pretty quickly as you can see below

I feel silly being so excited about the beans coming up, it seemed to take forever. 

They are looking good!
I found out when making fertilizer out of comfrey don't add water because by joes it stinks!
If you are going to make some read this article first CLICK HERE

The first of the Xmas lilies are out :)

The passion fruit vine is looking fantastic full of beautiful flowers and fruit.

My gardening buddy has been enjoying biking up and down the hill.

I finally have all the garden planted and have bloody sore wrists.

I sprinkled Epsom salts over everything, the plants loved it!

Such a lovely sight our first TOMS :0) 

Got the next lot of seeds started, who would have thought I would love gardening?

That last patch was full of weeds and took lots of sweat and tears.

We are already giving away the strawberries these plants are abundant with fruit!

Master Jackson is getting his santa nappies ON!

The lavender that survived the frost is starting to turn purple, oh so pretty!

I started my first week at TLC this week, a year of studying ART whoo hoo!!! 
I also called into the hospital for an xray on a lump I have and it's all good! 
All in all a very HAPPY week for me.

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